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Fort Clark was established in 1852 on the banks of the Las Moras creek to provide protection for settlers and travelers on the newly established “lower road” between San Antonio and El Paso. The original quarters were canvas tents and shoddily built jacals, but as the fort grew, barracks were constructed of logs. Finally, in the mid-1800s, all the structures were rebuilt with limestone block.

In March 1861, upon the outbreak of the Civil War, the fort was surrendered to the Confederacy. After the end of the Civil War the fort was once again occupied by Union troops. Fort Clark soldiers participated in the American Civil War, the Indian Wars, the Spanish American War, World War 1, and World War 2.

Some of the more notable officers who served at Ft. Clark were Col. Ranald Mackenzie, General Wesley Merritt, General William Shafter, General John Bullis, General George Marshall, General Jonathan Wainright , and General George Patton.

Fort Clark was deactivated in 1946 and finally sold to Brown and Root Company for salvage. It was later used as a guest ranch, then again sold to North American Towns, a land development company.

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